Zwack Liqueur

Zwack Liqueur

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Das ist ein Unikum, the Habsburg monarch Joseph II is reputed to have exclaimed to his Court Physician, Dr. Zwack, in 1790, when he first tasted this digestive liqueur. Today Unicum is the most popular drink amongst spirits in Hungary.

Zwack is made from a secret blend of over 40 different herbs and spices. Some of the herbs and spices are distilled, some are macerated, then blended together and aged in oak casks at the factory in Budapest for over 6 months, giving Zwack liqueur a dark, amber color.

It is widely known as the National Shot of Hungary , and is produced by Unicum Zwack, plc, in Budapest, Hungary, and now imported into the US.

Zwack is best served ice-cold, straight up, as a shot. It is also great as a cocktail known as the Mad Hungarian (an ice-cold Zwack shot dropped into a high-energy drink).