Vermut Flores Red Vermouth

Vermut Flores Red Vermouth

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This is a full bodied, sweet vermouth from Uruguay. The wine base is a deep red Tannat crafted from the national grape variety. The botanicals are roots, bark, herbs, fruit, and of course flowers such as rose, hop, chamomile and elderflower. Overall, there are 27 botanicals carefully selected and married together to craft freshness in a modern style. Crafted and infused in small batches at a 4th generation family winery.

18% ABV

95pts, IWC London 2021

" Deep purple in colour, gorgeous nose of rosemary, rosehip, bayleaf and fennel. intensely aromatic with spices - clove, cinnamon and mixed peel blended with blackberry and black plum." -IWC London 2021, 95pts