Transcontinental Rum Line Jamaica WP 2016 5yr Rum

Transcontinental Rum Line Jamaica WP 2016 5yr Rum

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Inspired by the rum casks’ historical trips between the New World and the Old Continent, the Transcontinental Rum Line highlights the fact that from the beginning of its existence, rum has always been shipped to Europe for nautical, economical and technical reasons.

This limited edition Jamaican premium rum from the Transcontinental Rum Line series was matured on two continents. It is made from fermented molasses and subsequently distilled using a Pot Still in 2016.

It matured in Jamaican tropical climates for 4 years in American oak barrels. The final 1-year maturation took place in Europe. After maturing, it was filled into bottles in 2021 with an alcohol content of 57.18%.

amber with golden highlights

fruit, pepper, tobacco, smoke, oak, chocolate, cinnamon

spicy, cane sugar, spices, oak, tobacco, wood, vanilla

medium length, warm, cream, vanilla, orange, caramel, cane