The Sassenach Wild Scottish Gin

The Sassenach Wild Scottish Gin

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The Sassenach Wild Scottish Gin is a premium gin created by Sam Heughan, best known for his character Jamie Fraser on the hit TV series, Outlander, in which the "Sassenach" name comes from.

The Sassenach Wild Scottish Gin perfectly captures the fresh, balanced, and authentic taste of Scotland’s vibrant wild nature. Journey through the glens, forests, and mountains of Scotland, and you’ll discover the wealth of unique botanicals that inspired Sam Heughan to craft a gin that perfectly captures Scotland’s abundant larder. Clean, fresh, and vibrant notes of apples, berries, and juniper are gently balanced with savory undertones of rhubarb and toasted oats. Pine and floral heather accents evoke the aromatic natural heritage of Sam’s Scottish homeland.

42% ABV

The word "Sassenach" is derived from the Scottish Gaelic word sasunnach, literally meaning 'Saxon', and originally used by Gaelic speakers to refer to non-Gaelic speaking Scottish Lowlanders.