Tequila Primo 1861 Blanco

Tequila Primo 1861 Blanco

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Type of Agave: 100% Tequilana Weber var. azúl
Region: Los Altos (Jalisco)
Baking: Stone Oven for 24 hrs
Extraction: Tahona
Fermentation: 100% Agave in Wooden and Stainless Steel Tanks
Double Distillation
Still: Copper Still
Additives: No Additives

Minerality and aroma directly from the distillation of spring water. Silky texture with slight warmth and sweet finish. Hints of cooked agave, smooth and delicious with pleasant notes.

Cooked Agave, Peppermint, Pepper, Wet Earth, Citrus, Minerals, Flowers, Orange, Herbal.

Cooked Agave, Pepper, Peppermint, Mint, Wet Earth, Citrus, Minerals, Flowers, Herbal.

43% ABV