Tequila Arette Artesanal Suave Blanco

Tequila Arette Artesanal Suave Blanco

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Tequila 100% Agave, luminous, with a beautiful transparent body, an intense aroma and smoothness which characterizes it. 100% Blue Agave

38% ABV

Arette was a famous horse that won the gold medal in the 1948 London Olympics in Equestrian Jumping. Ridden by General Humberto Mariles, together they became the only double gold medal winners in this discipline. Like Arette, Tequila Arette is made with the same passion and strength, making it the "Premium of Tequilas".

"EL LLANO" is one of the oldest distilleries in the region that still produces tequila. It is located in the heart of the magical town Tequila. It is operated by the Orendain Brothers, descendents of one of the most recognized families in the tequila Industry. At the Tequila Arette distillery, they use the extraordinary water from the wellsprings of the Tequila volcano.