Tenjaku Japanese Gin

Tenjaku Japanese Gin

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A craft gin that truly captures the aromas of Japan. Featuring yuzu, sansho pepper, peach, green tea and other unique botanicals that linger in the mouth. Crystal-clear spring water, refined through the bountiful four seasons, ties these ingredients together in a perfect combination.

Tenjaku Gin combines a distillation composed of more than 10 Western botanicals with a distinct Japanese essence: fresh, seasonal peaches from the Yamanashi region, sansho pepper, with a unique zest not found in Eastern spices, yuzu, with its aroma evocative of Japan, and green tea, with its appealing astringent and herbal aroma. Together, these flavors create a botanical gin with one-of-a-kind, authentic taste.

Botanicals include: juniper, orange peel, yuzu, sansho pepper, angelica root, cassia bark, green tea, and peach juice.

37.5% ABV - 700ml

Tenjaku Gin earned 93 points at the New York International Spirits Competition and was awarded the 2022 Japanese Distillery of the Year.