Stowloch Whiskey

Stowloch Whiskey

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Inspired by the art of traditional distilling and the beauty of America's Ozark Highlands, Stowloch Whiskey is distilled using natural Ozark Highlands water, long fermentation, aged a minimum of 4 years in Missouri Oak barrels. Stowloch whiskey is historic, natural, kosher certified and gluten-free.

The Stowloch logo is a tribute to the world of alchemy, where artists and innovators turned water into something of much greater value. In this case, whiskey. The logo is a combination of the alchemist symbols of earth, water and wood - the three essential elements of a true Ozark Highlands whiskey.

Stowloch is inspired by the company's founder who was born and raised in Great Britain. It is the combination of Anglo-Saxon and Gaelic words to create a product that puts a smile on the face of whiskey drinkers worldwide. "Stow" is 7th Century Anglo-Saxon for "holy place" and "loch" is Gaelic for "lake" or "sea inlet." The company took liberty to translate it to "Holy Water" which every whiskey drinker knows to be true.

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