Still Austin BIB Red Corn Bourbon Whiskey

Still Austin BIB Red Corn Bourbon Whiskey

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Introducing the Still Austin Seasonal Bottled in Bond Series. Four limited release whiskeys distilled to capture the ingredients, flavors and themes of the seasons from which they were inspired.

Release #1 - Summer 2023

For this Summer 2023 release, Still Austin combined the robust nuttiness of Jimmy Red corn with the sweet spice of rye. The result is a summertime bourbon offering creamsicle and black tea scents, followed by a palate of peppermint and marzipan.

MASHBILL: 36% Red Corn, 34% White Corn, 25% Rye, 5% Barley

orange zest, creamsicle, black tea, shortbread, brown baking spice, apple crisp

peppermint, brown sugar, marzipan, maple syrup, water buttered biscuit, toasted almonds

complex but luscious, dark brown sugar, rum raisin, peppercorn, ripe red grapes, cranberry, dry red wine finish

50% ABV - 100 Proof

Aged at least 4 years