Still Austin BIB High Rye Bourbon Whiskey

Still Austin BIB High Rye Bourbon Whiskey

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Introducing the Still Austin Seasonal Bottled in Bond Series. Four limited release whiskeys distilled to capture the ingredients, flavors and themes of the seasons from which they were inspired. For this fall release, represented by the golden stallion, the high-rye content calls to mind the crisp fall air, while the use of white corn conjures visions of autumn fields—and the spirit’s deep amber coloring recalls the red and gold leaves of the season.

Release #2 - Fall 2023

MASHBILL: 70% White Corn, 25% Rye, 5% Malted Barley

Orange zest, Jamaican allspice, fig jam, dark chocolate-covered cherries, honey butter, dark rye bread, warm butter

Tangerine sherbet, coffee cake, graham cracker crust, almond butter, pistachios, warm buttered blueberry muffin

Full-bodied crisp finish, dark chocolate, black currants, dried figs

50% ABV - 100 Proof

Aged at least 4 years