StilL 630 Big Jake Breakfast Brew

StilL 630 Big Jake Breakfast Brew

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This special spirit was designed to give you a better start to your day by combining two of St. Louis’ favorite things: whiskey + coffee! Therefore StilL 630 is proud to present this delicious collaboration with the fantastic people at the world-renowned Kaldi’s Coffee!

StilL 630 did several cuppings using over 15 different distinct coffee beans of impeccable origin from the greatest coffee growing farms across the world. Then they finally selected the bean variety from Columbia Monserrate whose fruity notes paired best with their Big Jake White Whiskey. But that was just the beginning…

Using one of their newly-emptied RallyPoint Rye Whiskey barrels, the green coffee beans were barrel-aged for weeks to absorb those delicious whiskey aromas. Then they were roasted to perfection by the masters at Kaldi’s Coffee, before being transformed into a toddy concentrate. They then infused just the right amount of toddy concentrate into their Big Jake to showcase the complementary flavors of the two products in a harmony of taste. Finally, they added a pinch of panela (an unrefined cane sugar native to Columbia) for just a touch of sweetness. So take a tip from Big Jake and follow the goat; enjoy Big Jake’s Breakfast Brew, whiskey is for breakfast again!

Distinct coffee nose, white rye whiskey taste that quickly fades into a long lasting coffee finish.

40.5% ABV - 81 Proof