St. George Spiced Pear Liqueur

St. George Spiced Pear Liqueur

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Both elegant and earthy, St. George Spiced Pear Liqueur has all the complexity of a perfectly ripe Bartlett pear. Cinnamon and clove add a warm touch of spice. Sip it alongside a cheese plate or pair it with pork, duck, or other meats ending in the letter K.

St. George Fruit Liqueurs have an impeccable pedigree: They begin as the company's flagship pear and raspberry brandy, to which they add luscious fruit juice. This brings down the proof (from 40% alcohol by volume to 20% alcohol by volume) and transforms their crystal clear brandies into jewel-toned liqueurs. St. George liqueurs have the same potent nose as their flagship brandies, but they’re naturally sweet and velvety on the palate.

"Genuinely juicy, with a vivid, ripe pear flavor, against a backdrop of cinnamon and clove. It’s rich and luscious on the tongue, and takes well to every spirit we can think of." — Food & Wine

"Magic." — Bon Appétit

"Mind blowingly delicious and complex, like freshly-pressed Bartlett pear cider." — Supercall

"4 stars/Highly recommended. Flawless purity… tangy, fruity, almost pastry-like." — Spirit Journal

"Like adult mulled cider in a bottle. Slightly tart, with lots of cinnamon and clove spice, lightly sweet, and a rich and buttery texture." — SF Weekly