St. George Nola Coffee Liqueur

St. George Nola Coffee Liqueur

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NOLA Coffee Liqueur was inspired by a love for New Orleans-style coffee. Crafted with Ethiopian coffee beans, French chicory root, Madagascar vanilla, and organic cane sugar, these ingredients impart just the right balance of flavors.

Sipped neat, NOLA is delicious alongside breakfast, dessert, and any meal in between, with each sip revealing more character. In cocktails, it provides a touch of sweetness, earthy depth, and that robust roasted flavor that coffee lovers crave.

25% ABV

Carries the taste of very good dark-roast coffee to an absurd length. The taste of coffee lingers on the palate, along with notes of hazelnut and the earthy bitterness of chicory. The result is fresh and sophisticated. — Los Angeles Times

Robust, balanced flavor. It’s like fresh, bracing, cold-brewed coffee… meaning it’s beautiful neat, on ice. —

Delicious neat and makes for an amazing after-dinner drink. — Robb Vices

Full coffee flavor, with layers of roastiness, but the bitterness is rounded off with a sweet finish. — Serious Drinks

(A) delightful homage to New Orleans chicory coffee. — Chicago Tribune

Has a robust, long-lasting coffee flavor with restrained sweetness, showing dark chocolate and a flicker of bitter edge on the exit. — Wine Enthusiast

Layered… [with] nutty and tart berry notes and chicory spice. — VinePair

Fruity, floral… Makes a great White Russian. — Tasting Table

Layers of roasted flavors (and) an underlying bitterness that’s rounded out with a sweet, fruity finish. — Supercall

It's worth hunting down this bottle. — The Kitchn