Spirit of Hven Sloe Gin

Spirit of Hven Sloe Gin

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At Hven, they make their Sloe Gin Local Harvest by letting their Organic Gin macerate with fresh sloe berries, sugar and some cassia bark. After 3-6 months the gin has extracted loads of delightful, aromatic scent and taste from the berries. At this time, the base in the Sloe Gin is ready.

About half of the macerated gin is separated and filtered. The rest of the volume is brought to distillation with the berries in beautiful copper pot stills. The result is a wonderful delicate distillate with massive fruitiness and scent from ripe berries and almond. This crystal-clear distillate is then mixed with the first half that was macerated. Then the Gin, Sloe juice and sugar are all balanced to perfection so all is well with sugar at 100g/L and alcohol at 28.6% ABV.

First scent teleports you directly to a filled cornucopia, to the rim, overflowing, with fresh ripe berries, dark fruits and dried, caramelized grapes. A while into the pleasure of nosing it, the Sloe Gin releases voluptuous aromas of vanilla and almond, flanked by a light herbal note. The bouquet is filled with flowers, fruits and berries, elegant junipers, and a delicate citrus scent.

Full-bodied with fresh acidity and a delicate mellow bitterness. Sweetness is clear and balanced with the acidity. Aftertaste is long with light menthol notes, giving a delicious freshness.

28.6% ABV - 750ml