Sandeman Don Fino Sherry

Sandeman Don Fino Sherry

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The Wine Don Fino, a premium Fino Sherry, is a delicate and dry white wine. Produced from Palomino grape grown in Sandeman's own vineyards located in the best areas of the Jerez demarcated region, the wine matures in a Solera, under “flor” (a veil of yeast) for a minimum of five years.

Pale straw yellow colour, with shades of green and gold. Bright and clear with an aromatic, very pungent aroma, the influence of maturing under Flor. Light, fresh and delicate on the palate with a crisp, dry finish.

A perfect accompaniment to seafood, oriental cuisine, or sushi, Don Fino is a good match to salty appetisers, or perfect as an aperitif.

Don Fino should be served well chilled in white wine glasses

Should be stored standing, avoid intense light and maintain a constant temperature (10º-20º)