Royal Dock of Deptford Navy Strength Gin

Royal Dock of Deptford Navy Strength Gin

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Royal Dock Gin is produced by the Hayman family, previous generations of which from 1863 supplied a gin named Senior Service Gin to the Royal Navys Royal Dock in South Londons Deptford. The term Senior Service was the nickname for the Royal Navy.

You can expect a charismatic bright and robust style, with unrivalled intensity. But even at 57% alc, Royal Dock Gin is not at all overpowering. Theres a certain smoothness as it retains a brilliant balance of juniper, coriander and citrusy flavors.

Anchored in tradition, our Royal Dock Gin is a Navy strength gin that was once enjoyed by the officers of a ship. In fact, its the very same that was supplied to the Royal Navy from 1863.

It really is a fine gin that will deliver lingering juniper and citrus flavors. And make you a hearty Martini.