RD1 Bourbon Double Finished in Oak & Maple Barrels

RD1 Bourbon Double Finished in Oak & Maple Barrels

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In this Double Finish, RD1 took French Oak staves (first finish) that were steeped in a patented process of pressure, oxygen, time and temperature with maple syrup (second finish). The molecular transfusion into the base fibers of the wood is wonderfully artistic and scientifically intense. Consistency is the driver here for flavor and texture.

After RD1 Spirit's Kentucky Straight Bourbon aged for 4+ years, they inserted the French Oak and Maple stave wood into the barrel for additional aging. The end result is like the best stack of pancakes you've ever had.

An undeniable burst of maple and butterscotch on the nose followed by lightly toasted caramel, roasted pecans and paprika. Its flavor boasts a delicate dance of maple goodness and black peppercorn spice. The finish is long, smooth and spicy with a light accent of toasted caramel at the end. Try this in an Old Fashioned but skip the simple syrup and just add more of this bourbon.

49.95% ABV - 99.9 Proof

Platinum - SIP Awards
Gold - 2023 Ascot Awards by Fred Minnick
Gold - 2023 SF Int'l Spirits Comp.