Rabbit Hole Bespoke Gin

Rabbit Hole Bespoke Gin

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Rabbit Hole's Bespoke Gin is a reimagined classic. Fashioned in Kentucky Rye Barrels, it offers a new experience that awakens the senses. The distillery starts by importing the finest London Dry Gin, then finishes it in the same hand-selected barrels they use to age their award-winning Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey, Boxergrail. This process mellows the gin and adds a hint of spice while tinting this luxurious spirit with an eye-catching hue that shimmers gold in your glass.

Citrus, Honeysuckle, Elderflower, Hint of Nutmeg

Lemongrass, Soft & Creamy mouthfeel

Honey Ginger

44.5% ABV - 89 proof