Quiet Man Irish Whiskey

Quiet Man Irish Whiskey

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The whiskey is named in tribute to John Mulgrew, father of Niche Drinks co-owner and managing director Ciaran Mulgrew. The elder Mulgrew was a bartender with a reputation for keeping a secret. Both the original Gaelic and English translations of Mr. Mulgrew's nickname appear on the label: An Fear Ciuin, and The Quiet Man.

For their part, the bulk of The Quiet Mans influence over their own flavor profile comes in the maturation process. Distillation for the whiskies used in the current incarnations occurs in traditional Irish pot stills. The whiskey is matured in oak barrels before being re-casked in first-fill bourbon barrels.

Though the label itself bears no age statement, accompanying literature from Luxco describes The Quiet Man blend as being aged four years and having a high malt percentage, compared to most blends. The Quiet Man proudly lays claim to being the first Irish whiskey bottled in Derry, Northern Ireland in over a century.

Light and floral fragrances with sweet and smoky notes

Perfect balance of spice and oak with sweet vanilla for a mellow, warm finish