Perelada Brut Reserva Cava Sparkling Wine

Perelada Brut Reserva Cava Sparkling Wine

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Designation of Origin: Cava, a sparkling wine which is made following the traditional method, has fully established its identity in markets abroad in the last thirty years. Native grapes, a warm climate and the growing country all contribute to its distinctive character. Cava's name derives from the Spanish word for an underground cellar, which became the term for the production method.
Varietals: Macabeo (40%), Xarello (30%), Parellada (30%).

Winemaking: Temperature controlled fermentation off the skins.
Ageing: The second fermentation takes place in the bottle, following the traditional method. It stays in the cellar for about fifteen months before disgorging.

Graduation: 11.5% by Vol.
Free SO2: 24 mg/l.
Total SO2: 95 mg/l.
Total acidity: 4.00 gr/l. (s.a.)
Volatile acidity: 0.18 gr/l. (a.a.).
Sugar: 8 gr/l.

Type of bottle: Cava, green, 75 cl.

Tasting note: Pale yellow colour. Good bubble detachment. Thanks to its ageing, it has developed a fine aroma with fruit hints. Its well balanced structure, elegance and sensorial richness form an unmistakable personality