Old Soul Bourbon Whiskey

Old Soul Bourbon Whiskey

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Old Soul is a precise blend of whiskey. Each with an identical high-rye mash bill. Aged for different amounts of time. Each barrel is reviewed by nose & palate – the old fashioned way – & expertly blended from whiskeys distilled in Indiana & Mississippi. Hand-made & hand selected. Old Soul is the perfect metaphor for this bourbon. One that is thoughtfully crafted with a nod to both tradition & the future.

Brilliant deep amber

Sweet notes of vanilla, reminiscent of bakery goods and sugar cookies, with hints of fresh leather.

Elegant and balanced mouthfeel showing notes of rose and dried cherry followed by toffee and baking spices. Rye spice and herbaceous notes appear mid-palate and into the finish.

Rich earthy finish led by a lingering rye spice.

90 Proof - 45% ABV