Old Ezra Brooks 7yr Barrel Strength Bourbon

Old Ezra Brooks 7yr Barrel Strength Bourbon

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The Old Ezra brand is owned by St. Louis, Missouri-based, family-owned Luxco. The bourbon is currently distilled by Lux Row Distillers, made using a seven generations old recipe. Their Kentucky straight bourbon is distilled from a base of sour mash and charcoal filtered following distillation. The spirit is then aged for seven years in new, charred white oak barrels.

The casks contribute a medium-full body to the bourbon and provide it with hints of oak, caramel, honey, chocolate, and orange zest. This Ezra Brooks Barrel Strength is bottled at a high octane 117 proof. You can expect spicy bourbon notes, sweetness and a touch of heat on the tongue.

117 Proof

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(#7 / 94 point rating)