Old Dominick Huling Station Blend

Old Dominick Huling Station Blend

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Old Dominick took the sweet softness of their Huling Station Straight Wheat Whiskey and blended it with the bold warmth and complexity of their Huling Station Straight Bourbon to create something unique. Huling Station Blend is warm, inviting, and brings together everything that's great about the other whiskey mash bills. This blend is a perfect harmony between the spicy whiskeys characteristic of the pre-prohibition age and the sweeter drams favored by many modern whiskey lovers.

Huling Station Blend of Straight Whiskeys features a slight wisp of warm baking spices on the nose, complemented by a hint of smoky oak. The palate offers up a creamy, warmed honey sweetness with short bursts of a pleasing grassy note that tapers into a rye warmth to go with its slightly higher proof. The finish is lingering and peppery with another appearance by the smoked oak to close it out.

100 Proof

50% High Rye, 50% Wheat Whiskey