Oak & Eden Bourbon & Vine

Oak & Eden Bourbon & Vine

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Bourbon Whiskey Finished with a Cabernet Steeped French Oak Spiral

Checking all the boxes that most bourbon enthusiasts anticipate when enjoying a great bourbon, yet embodying the smooth characteristics that make for an approachable bourbon for new whiskey drinkers, this bourbon is a remarkably smooth combination of corn, rye and barley. Once distilled, the bourbon is aged in new American Oak barrels producing a rich, deep yet sweet spirit.

After bottling the bourbon, a French Oak spire is placed in the bottle, which contains twice as many naturally occurring botanicals and twice the flavor as American Oak, producing flavors such as cinnamon, allspice, and licorice.

Based in the hills of Texas, Oak & Eden collaborated with Marker Cellars winery to infuse their Cabernet Sauvignon into award-winning Bourbon. Combining sweet Bourbon with rich, deep Cabernet and French Oak produces a whiskey experience like never before.

90 Proof - 45% ABV