Nelson Brothers Cognac Cask Finish

Nelson Brothers Cognac Cask Finish

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Nelson Brothers’ Cask Finish Series represents a glorious union of tradition and creativity in the distiller's craft. Select barrels of their celebrated bourbon are enlivened by the characteristic aromas and flavors of the special casks that host the final stage of the aging process. Each varietal reveals a startling and delicious new dimension of whiskey’s timeless character—none more so than the Cognac Cask Finish.

The French oak casks selected for this release were originally used to age a blend of eau-de-vie made from grapes grown in the legendary vineyards of Cognac in Southwestern France. When their award-winning bourbon enters these casks, the results come close to alchemy— the Cognac’s rich colors and earthy-sweet notes, married to the high-rye savor of Nelson Brothers Bourbon, yield an ingenious and irresistible expression.

pear, crème brûlée, raspberry

nutmeg, shortbread, honey

apple, toffee, clove

96.7 Proof - 48.35% ABV