Mythology Thunder Hoof 10yr Rye Whiskey

Mythology Thunder Hoof 10yr Rye Whiskey

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Dark Chocolate, mint, mature oak, baking spices

Rye Spice, caramel, cocoa nibs, mint

Long and rich, caramel, floral, cinnamon

102 Proof - 51% ABV

....10 years of perseverance to conquer an unrideable bull. A temperamental bull snorting like a Diesel engine. She screams “Let ‘r Buck!” The gate latch snaps and the world is silent except for her breath until the first thudding vibration of the bull’s hooves hit the dirt. Her freehand whips back with the first of many body rolls and another reverberating thud – 8 seconds is a lifetime… and she masters this adventure with a perfect score!

Inspired by the Bull Rider, Mythology Distillery crafted a Rye that took 10 years of perseverance to transform into a world renowned whiskey.

Founded by three Colorado natives that seek out experiences through travel and adventure, Mythology Distillery loves to share and hear stories from others. Their philosophy is that each of us forms our own Mythology through travel, connecting with others and our experiences. It’s based on this that the distillery was named Mythology.