Mulligans Bourbon

Mulligans Bourbon

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Bottled at 80 proof, this Kentucky Bourbon is a little smoother than most small batch bourbons.The temperatures in Kentucky force the bourbon to expand deep into the new white oak barrels to pull out the flavors of the wood. The flavor of vanilla assures an incredibly smooth taste and finish.

Nose: Fresh smooth light oak, vanilla, light sweetness

Taste: The palate is fairly astringent; light, dense, a good dose of vanilla and refreshing oak

Color: Light to medium amber

Mulligans Bourbon was an idea that was developed by our family because of the success of Mulligans Grill. Mulligans Grill was opened in 1993, the theme and menu was developed tying to the game of golf, says founder of Mulligans grill, Stephen Rauschenbach. Mulligans is a local business owned and operated by Stephen and his family. Knowing the value of consistency, quality and service is what has made for the success and future success of the Mulligans brand. Mulligans Bourbon follows in the same business philosophy. My daughters have encouraged the growth of the Mulligans brand, believing the reputation would flow into growth of a quality, locally product.