Mayenda Tequila Blanco

Mayenda Tequila Blanco

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A rich, complex and elegant sipping tequila. Crafted at Casa San Nicolas, using a pioneering process which adds two extra steps of craft and care to extract more flavors from the agave. Each small-batch of Mayenda Tequila Blanco is produced with the aim of capturing the aromatic, caramelized agave notes that are typically lost in the production process. The result is a unique, agave-forward sipping experience with new and unexplored flavors from the heart of the agave.

Each bottle of Mayenda has its own hand-crafted, 100% copper medallion designed and produced by Mexican jewelry designer Mauricio Serrano. Each medallion is a representation of the agave plant, the inspiration behind Mayenda. The subtly sophisticated, textured labels are all made with 100% recycled Agave material.

Moon bright color, with a silky medium body and rich complexity.

Wildflower honey, cinnamon and more subtle top notes of orange blossom and fresh grass.

Undertones of baking spices, fresh herbs and pepper weave their way through caramelized agave notes.

Finishes with a lingering echo of citrus, honey and baking spices.

40% ABV