Mastermind Vodka

Mastermind Vodka

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When you un-cork a bottle of Mastermind Vodka you can be confident that what youre about to taste is the culmination of years of research, development, and dedication. Dedication to the idea that anything less than perfection is not an option.

Mastermind has taken the exacting science of creating a clean and crisp vodka, and combined it with the care and attention of small hand-crafted batches to provide you with a truly unique drinking experience.

Mastermind Vodka INC. Is the first distillery in Madison County IL, since 1882.

Enlivened by a captivating, ripened zest flavor, this artisan blend caresses the taste buds with polished freshness and graceful hints of summertime. Mastermind Vodka Original is a culmination of supreme purity, fresh citrus and refined vanilla under tones. Crisp and exhilarating from the moment it tickles the taste buds to its soft and smooth farewell.

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