Macchu Pisco

Macchu Pisco

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Macchu Pisco, the company's flagship bottling, is made from the assertive Quebranta grape. Pisco is a type of colorless brandy made in South America. Using labor-intensive copper pot still distillation, 10 pounds of grapes go into making each bottle of Macchu Pisco. It makes a delicious base for the iconic Pisco Sour, though it's smooth and subtly flavorful when served on ice.

Light vanilla, lime peel, and white pepper make up a very light nose. On the palate, white pepper, vanilla sugar, wet cement, lime, yuzu, and cinnamon make up a fairly straightforward presentation. There is a nice peppery bite at the end and a bit of earthiness present as well. The finish is quick and leaves the palate ready for another sip.

42% ABV

Macchu Pisco has received numerous awards and accolades, including a 95 point rating from the Ultimate Cocktail Challenge.