M&H Apex STR Cask 2018-0838 Single Cask

M&H Apex STR Cask 2018-0838 Single Cask

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The M&H Apex is a culmination of years of work and research that exemplifies the M&H spirit of innovation and creativity. Driven by boldness and an inspiration to reach new heights, M&H composed their apex - an exclusive opportunity of limited editions.

A bottle of M&H Apex is an exploration of places and matters. The M&H Head Distiller, Tomer Goren, specifically selects exceptional casks for each batch, chosen for their distinct location of maturation or to showcase the magic of wood and terroir.

This limited-edition bottling is one of M&H's most exciting and highly anticipated single malt whiskies.

Vanilla custard with orange zest and a side of chamomile tea.

Roasted coffee, dry ginger and green sage leaves.

Cocoa butter and black pepper, strong charred oak.

Non-chill filtered, no color added

57.8% ABV


M&H is Israel's first whisky distillery. Located in one of Tel Aviv’s up and coming neighborhoods, M&H is a part of the city’s fabric, among entrepreneurs and innovators, makers and artisans.

Israel’s 300 sunny days in an average year and the Mediterranean climate are the distillery's greatest advantage. Hot climate maturation means that their whisky ages rapidly, yet significantly gracefully. Whisky made in warmer weather takes on specific terroir which yields unique flavors that somewhat differ from their Old-World counterparts. The distillery's methods, technique and equipment carry on centuries-old knowledge and they keep the tradition of minimum three years of aging.