Lifted Spirits Bold Gin

Lifted Spirits Bold Gin

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Full-bodied and robust, Bold Gin is beautifully intricate and multi-dimensional. Balanced traditional and vapor distillation of 17 botanicals produce a gin that’s unlike any other. Lightly sweet notes of lavender of rose hips complement its dark fruit flavor, layered with aromatics and zest.

Bold Gin rides the rolling wave of adventure, as likely to try and lasso a shooting star as it is to drum up a beach volleyball game as twilight bleeds into an orange sunset. Grab its hand, take the plunge, and see where life can lead when you stop asking “what if?”

Botanicals: juniper, cubeb, timut peppercorn, ceylon cinnamon, curacao orange peel, holy basil, rose hips, lavender, makrut lime leaf, barberry and more

45% ABV - 90 Proof