Korbel Sweet Cuvee Champagne

Korbel Sweet Cuvee Champagne

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Korbel Sweet Cuvée is made in a bright, fruit-forward style with citrus and tropical fruit characters complementing the medium-sweet finish. All of the grape varieties used are harvested early in the growing season to ensure that the blend's bright acidity balances the sweetness in the finish.

Each of the grape varieties used in Korbel's Sweet Cuvée blend plays an important role... Chenin Blanc gives the blend its delicate, fruit-forward character. Chardonnay adds the body and structure needed to balance the sweet finish. French Colombard contributes the bright acidity and citrus characters, and Muscat Canelli brings the blend together with appealing tropical and floral flavors.

Korbel Sweet Cuvée is made using the traditional Méthode Champenoise process. Many sweeter styled sparkling wines use the less costly and quicker bulk method known as "Charmat." Korbel believes that the traditional individual bottle fermentation method is the key to the quality of their champagnes. The bubbles in each bottle result from fermenting the champagne in that same bottle.

The "dosage" (sweetener) for Korbel Sweet Cuvée is made by adding a mixture of Moscato and pure cane sugar to each bottle just prior to labeling and shipping.

Food Pairing: Serve Korbel Sweet Cuvée with fruit desserts, especially those made with stone fruits, apples or pears. Sweet Cuvée also pairs well with spicy dishes like coconut curry or Thai food.

11% ABV