Koloa Kaua'i White Rum

Koloa Kaua'i White Rum

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Distilled, blended and bottled by Koloa Rum Company Kalaheo, Kauai, Hawaii

40% ABV/80 Proof.

Koloa White Rum is made from the mash of raw Cane Sugar, distilled in an impressive vintage 1210 gallon steam powered copper pot still and cut with filtered water from the ancient Mount Waialeale.
The Rum is distilled 2 times at 160 180 ABV.

Appearance: Crystalline and brilliantly clear with a profound and cloying viscosity on the glass

Nose: Very clean upon the first try leading into subsequent passes across the nose that open up to light pikake, white cotton candy and Meyer Lemon pith with a hint of fresh Kalamansi.

Taste and Finish: The Cloying on the glass translates nicely to an upfront cotton candy and very smooth rich, yet dry raw sugar finish with hints of marzipan and a dash of dried candied ginger.

- 2012 Bronze Medal, San Francisco Spirits Competition

- 2010 Bronze Medal, 5th Annual International Rum Festival