Koloa Kaua'i Gold Rum

Koloa Kaua'i Gold Rum

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Distilled, blended and bottled by Koloa Rum Company Kalaheo, Kauai, Hawaii
40% ABV/80 Proof.

Koloa Gold Rum is made from the mash of raw Cane Sugar, distilled in an impressive vintage 1210 gallon steam powered copper pot still and cut with filtered water from the ancient Mount Waialeale. The Rum is distilled 2 times at 160 180 ABV.

Appearance: A Vibrant Golden Hued Rum with wonderful and surprisingly deep viscosity on the glass with shimmering light golden legs that run slowly and deliberately down the inside of the glass.

Nose: Initially starts off with a rich caramel with wafts of butter toffee and light hints of Amaretto and freshly roasted macadamia nuts.

Taste and Finish: This soft and candy like gold rum, presents itself boldly with no pretenses other than to be a gold rum that tastes good. The mouth feel is viscous with an upfront caramel blast that finishes with vanilla, light macadamia nut brittle and toasted almond.

- 2012 Silver Medal, San Francisco Spirits Competition
- 2010 Silver Medal, 5th Annual International Rum Festival