Kaiyo The Peated Japanese Whisky

Kaiyo The Peated Japanese Whisky

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Kaiyō whisky is matured in the finest Japanese Mizunara oak casks. These casks are handmade due to Mizunara oak’s delicate wood grain. They are among the rarest casks in the world and are considered the finest in which to mature whisky. After years of maturing our casks go on a final maturation at sea voyage for up to 3 months, leaving from Osaka Japan.

What makes mizunara oak distinct from European oak and White oak? For one, it enjoys a unique sweet and spicy flavor profile which can be attributed to the oak lactones ratio and high level of vanilla. Aromas evoked from the mizunara oak are kara, a type of oriental incense, sandalwood, and coconut.

Un-Chillfiltered, Malted Barley

Sweet Peat, Smokey nose with hints of
nuts, sweet fruit and honey. A Sweet long drying finish

Kaiyō Means: Ocean