Journeyman Not a King Rye Whiskey

Journeyman Not a King Rye Whiskey

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Not a King Rye Whiskey is a tribute to George Washington, who was not only the first president of the United States, but also one of America’s first distillers. After his victory over the British, he was celebrated by the masses as the first King of America. Washington famously stated that he was “Not a King”. This is a limited release whiskey made available on President's Day each year.

60% organic rye / 40% organic corn
45% ABV - 90 proof
Blended to profile for each batch

Hints of sweet honey, fruity accent with a creamy buttery body, caramel, banana, burnt sugars.

5-stars / Highest Recommendation
F. Paul Pacult’s Spirit Journal

Gold Medal Winner
Berlin International Spirits Competition 2018