Journeyman Featherbone Bourbon Whiskey

Journeyman Featherbone Bourbon Whiskey

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Distilling bourbon is classically American, which is why this whiskey was named Featherbone Bourbon, after the innovative product once manufactured in the distillery's building a century ago at a time when manufacturing in Michigan was synonymous with American made. The Featherbone was a revolutionary product created and manufactured in Three Oaks by E.K. Warren, a staunch prohibitionist. Today, a different kind of Featherbone is created at Journeyman and the distillery finds it ironic to be operating a grain-to-bottle distillery in this once “dry” community. They hope that E.K. would find it in good spirits to see the distillery carrying the torch for manufacturing into the 21st century.

70% organic corn, 25% organic wheat, 5% organic rye
45% ABV - 90 proof
Blended to profile for each batch

Bold and assertive, youthful, earthy flavors, nutty notes, spirituous, cereal notes, peanut butter, sweet, caramel, vegetal qualities – warming on the palate.

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