Jefferson's Reserve Bourbon

Jefferson's Reserve Bourbon

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Jefferson's believes that their Jefferson's Reserve is the finest bourbon available anywhere.

Its quality is a result of the painstaking hand crafting of every bottle. Only pure Kentucky limestone water could give Jefferson's Reserve its fresh, clean taste. Their new white oak barrels are deep-charred for proper aging. They use only the finest corn, rye and barley.

Jefferson's Reserve takes many years to slowly naturally mature. In fact, by the time they open the barrel, approximately 50% of the bourbon has evaporated. They call that missing bourbon the angel's share. Fifteen years of aging produces a bourbon with a rich bouquet, golden color and mellow flavor that you'll find only in Jefferson's Reserve. They hand-selected each barrel and then mingle them in a very small batch of perhaps a dozen barrels. You can see for yourself - each bottle is numbered.

Jefferson's bottles their bourbon at 90.2 proof, satisfying even the most robust bourbon connoisseur. Yet Jefferson's Reserve is smooth enough to allow all the flavors to be enjoyed.