Imbue Vermouth

Imbue Vermouth

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Imbue Bittersweet Vermouth is our flagship aperitif. This early evening quaff was designed to be poured on some rocks and sipped. The bittersweet is a wide array of well-balanced parts with the pleasing sweetness and stark bitterness that every good vermouth has at its core.

As the ambassador of their vermouth company, they sought to make the bittersweet both complex and interesting, but without pretention. This is a product designed for all to enjoy either neat, or in a fancy-pants cocktail.

Aromatics of elderflower, dried tangerine, vanilla and provincial herbs leap from the glass. Reticent pear, lemongrass and honey grace the broad palate. Imbue finishes on a slightly sweet and pleasingly bitter note that lingers an incredible length of time.

Oregon Grown Pinot gris

Oregon Grown Pinot gris Brandy Distilled at Portlands Clear Creek Distillery and aged in American oak casks.

Nine Dried raw Botanicals (Organic whenever possible)