High West Bourye Whiskey

High West Bourye Whiskey

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Bourye is a combination of "Bou" for bourbon and "rye" for..well, rye whiskey. Because combining bourbon and rye is a bit unusual, High West couldn't help thinking of the jackalope. They didn’t think anyone would like the name! Bourye is a unique and premium blend of rich bourbon and rye whiskeys, making for a premier sipping whiskey. It's actually one of High West’s all-time fan favorites.

A blend of straight bourbon and rye whiskeys aged a minimum of 10 years.

Dried guava and apricot, candied blood orange rind, cherry hard candies, walnut cake, vanilla, spearmint, tobacco

Birch root, maple, brown sugar, nougat, red cherries, earthy spice

Pecan brittle, candied ginger, subtle white pepper spice