Hard Truth High Road Rye

Hard Truth High Road Rye

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Hard Truth High Road Rye brings the same flavor complexity that fans of the original, barrel-strength Hard Truth Sweet Mash Rye Whiskey have grown to expect, but at an easy-to-drink 93-proof that’s perfect for every level of whiskey lover. Crafted for long evenings with favored companions, quiet nights by the fire, and any notable moment of Truth, the High Road is a route worth taking.

Small batch (30 barrel)

Mash bill: 55% rye, 36% corn, 9% malted barley

93 proof - 46.5% ABV

Deep copper

Apricot jam, honey, baking spice, and graham cracker

Rich vanilla, maple, custard, and spice that coat the tongue

Bold and lingering caramel that fades to honey, coffee, and nougat