Hamilton 8yr Cask Strength Single Barrel Jamaican Rum

Hamilton 8yr Cask Strength Single Barrel Jamaican Rum

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69% ABV - Barrel #434507

In March 2013, this rum was distilled in a copper pot still at the Clarendon Estate where it aged in used bourbon and whiskey barrels until it was recasked and shipped to the UK in 2019. It continued to mature in the UK until it was shipped to the US for bottling in 2021.

Only 210 bottles of this single cask, eight-year-old, Jamaican pot still rum were bottled as part of Ed Hamilton's Single Cask Strength Collection.

In the world of fine rums, Ed Hamilton needs no introduction. He is the man behind the Ministry of Rum - a line of hand-selected, pot still rums from St. Lucia, Jamaica, and Guyana - as well as importer of the famed Lemon Hart 151 and Rhum Agricoles such as Neisson and La Favorite.

This is the only time Ed Hamilton has ever offered cask strength, single barrel rums. These are first come, first serve and are very rare!

Built in 1949, Clarendon Estate distillery operates two of the largest pot stills in Jamaica, and they also distill rum for several rum brands.