Green River Bourbon

Green River Bourbon

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John McCulloch founded Green River, Kentucky’s 10th oldest licensed distillery, in 1885 (DSP-KY-10). With his visionary approach, Green River whiskey immediately became legendary worldwide. Then, at the height of its reign, Prohibition and a mysterious fire reduced the empire to ashes.

More than 130 years since its inception Green River returns. Made on the same grounds it was in 1885. Perfected by an eighth-generation Master Distiller.

Green River crafts their whiskey a little at a time, the old-fashioned way. A masterful high rye recipe with an amber hue, Green River is a 90-proof Straight Kentucky Bourbon crafted with 100% Kentucky-grown corn, most from the same county as the distillery, where they’ve built strong relationships with local farmers and the community. They blend two yeast strains perfect for fermenting. They use premium quality materials for distilling, including a 54-inch Vendome™ beer still with a custom copper top section along with copper condensers and doubler. Each barrel ages a minimum of five years in our traditional rickhouses.

Warming spice notes. Aromas of cinnamon, dried cherry, and light leather. Flavors of vanilla, caramel, and chocolate mint.

70% Kentucky-Grown Corn
21% Winter Rye
9% Malted 2 and 6 Row Barley

Some of the bourbon brands that have been made on the site of the Green River Distillery include: Ezra Brooks, Mellow Corn, Medley Brothers, Kentucky Beau, Old Medley and Five Brothers. (Some of these brands have moved on to different distilleries over time and some are no longer in production.)