Grander Panama Rum Barrel Series Rye Finish

Grander Panama Rum Barrel Series Rye Finish

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Rye is bold, distinctive and finishing a rum in rye barrels in uncommon. The result is a remarkable combination of spice and subtle sweetness.

This batch consists of 12 year old rum that aged in ex-bourbon barrels and then finished 8 months in ex-rye whiskey barrels.

Batch 1908-R

100 Proof - 50% ABV

“On the palate, though, the rum explodes. First is the rush of dense chocolate, vanilla, and baking spice one would expect, again with an edge of slightly funky molasses character. It takes only a second for the rye to make its presence known. Big and peppery, with a sharpness that immediately evokes whiskey more than rum, the spice slowly fades into a brown butter note that melds both the whiskey and rum worlds.” – Drinkhacker, Batch 1908-R