Glendronach Port Wood Single Malt Scotch

Glendronach Port Wood Single Malt Scotch

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GlenDronach Port Wood is inspired by the historical import of casked port into Scotland during the 19th century. During the 1800s, port was ‘de rigueur’, and many of the finest port pipes would travel from Portugal, down its Douro River, destined for the wine cellars of Scotland’s gentry. Whilst many years have passed, Portugal’s majestic Douro Valley is still renowned for its exceptional port. GlenDronach has selected some of its finest port pipes to house the scotch for a second maturation period of three years. Their Master Blender has expertly combined the whisky from these port pipes, to create a fruit-filled ten-year-old expression, with layers of ripe berries rolling into its signature long, lingering finish.

Intense cherry wood.

Victoria plum, bramble and strawberry jam with top notes of cherry blossom and honeysuckle on a base of sandalwood and ginger.

Blackberry and roasted apple crumble with freshly baked gingerbread, developing into a baked orange and black cherry back-note.

Orange peel, sultana and cherry cake lingering into the richly fruity finish.

46% ABV