Glendalough Poitin

Glendalough Poitin

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Before there was whiskey, there was poitín, the father of Irish whiskey and an ancient ancestor of all distilled drinks.

It was first made by Irish monks in the 6th century in monasteries like Glendalough and known as "uisce beatha" {ishka baha}, "the water of life”. (A mispronunciation of the word "uisce" is where the word "whiskey" comes from).

Outlawed in 1661 but now it’s back, Glendalough's version is triple distilled in a traditional copper pot-still using malted barley and pure spring water and bottled at 55% for a strong, authentic taste of Ireland’s original spirit.

Sip it neat or on the rocks for a true taste, or mix it for long drinks and cocktails with an extra kick.

Light, floral, forest berries, gooseberries through the headiness of the higher alcohol.

Unexpectedly smooth and mellow. Sweet and spicy with traces of lychees, apple skin and cracked black pepper sitting over biscuity malts.

Lingering, warming, sweet and a comforting, spicy tail.

55% ABV