Gekkeikan Cap-Ace Sake 180ml

Gekkeikan Cap-Ace Sake 180ml

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Gekkeikan Cap Ace is the perfect single serving of sake. Inspired by the traditional term for an individual serving of sake, a ggoh, Cap Ace is designed to be sake to go!

Style: Medium-bodied with mild flavors and a clean, dry finish.

Pairing Notes: The perfect accompaniment to a wide variety of salads, noodle dishes, sushi and sashimi.

Serving Suggestions: This versatile sake can be enjoyed warmed, at room temperature or chilled.
Conveniently packaged in a microwavable bottle*, Cap Ace also comes with a built-in serving cup.*please remove plastic cup and metal cap before microwaving

Product Information :

Prefecture: Kyoto, Japan

Region: Fushimi

Alc./Volume: 15.6%

Class: Junmai-shu

Sake Meter Value: @+2

Sulfite and gluten free