Garden Society Gin

Garden Society Gin

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Quizzically craving to consistently craft captivating cocktails? This is the club to quelch that curiosity. It’s no Secret that truly exceptional gins blossom from perfect botanical blends, & you're invited to the Garden Society to see proof. Twelve unique & distinctive botanicals are meticulously infused to create a truly magical experience. The results of passionate tinkering are splendid hints of citrus & spice notes delicately balanced with traditional gin flavors creating the brilliant bouquet in this delightfully smooth & exquisitely versatile spirit. There’s always a great time in the garden.

Clear with brilliant clarity

Intense aromas of 11 botanicals carefully curated. Up front is citrus, orange peel, dried fruit, and dried flowers with a warm backbone of cinnamon.

A light sweetness can be detected from the base distillate of corn.

Acidic and warm alcohol from the elevated 90 proof. A medium body leads into an intensity of flavor. Very complex.

90 Proof

Silver, 2023 - SF World Spirits Comp.
Silver, 2022 - SF World Spirits Comp.
Gold, 2021 - Craft Spirits Packaging Awards