G4 Tequila De Madera Blanco

G4 Tequila De Madera Blanco

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The Camarena Family has been making tequila since 1937, crafting some of the world’s best tequilas for generations. Where Master Distiller Felipe and his sons have established El Pandillo Distillery is a place where they honor their family’s proud tequila tradition and quality standards while innovating for today.

With tequila’s growing popularity, many producers modernize and rush the process to the detriment of crafting great tequila. At G4, Felipe uses traditional stone ovens, cooking the agave for 22 hours. However, most stone ovens only cook from the bottom, creating wasted agave and uneven taste. G4’s ovens cook from top and bottom to bring out the pure agave flavor.

The Camarena family is legendary in tequila. Felipe is universally regarded as a master and he has passed this knowledge and respect for tequila on to his sons. They have a passion for tequila, using only their own agave plants, crafting using traditional methods blended with innovation and eco-friendliness. It’s a unique combination and a great story, but when you taste G4, that smile across your lips will tell it all.

The first use of Wood Fermentation at El Pandillo, De Madera, is a limited edition, annual release Blanco tequila.  Lot 1 in 2022 and Lot 2 in 2023, each bottle is hand numbered. De Madera is also the only G4 expression made with deep well water, adding even more unique depth and complex character to this tequila vs all other G4. The taste is bold. Cooked agave with cracked black pepper and spices. Nutty.

45% ABV - 90 Proof